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Future Oxford
with Oxford County

The Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan is a policy blueprint used “to improve quality of life for Oxford’s current and future generations.”



The recently published Plan contains 17 primary objectives and more than 70 prescribed actions to achieve them, grouped under three pillars: economy, community, and environment.


Translate the technical objectives of the Future Oxford Sustainability Plan into a curated suite of tangible actions for community members to better understand.


Evermaven used a suite of environmental communication strategies and tactics to turn this technical plan into a compelling and relatable community narrative. Various communication products delivered varying call to actions for audiences. To make sense of the technical objectives we produced: an animated motion graphic explainer; an interactive website that featured an integrated map of key projects; and we used photography alongside drone videography to immerse people into this unfolding and compelling Future Oxford campaign.


Art Direction, Documentary Filmmaking, Drove Videography, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography, Website Development

/06IG Stories

/07Drone Operations


We are a communications agency that specializes in crafting stories about people and planet.

Our environmental stories—rooted in the human condition—are designed to make audiences care. With you, we hope to foster a more sustainable and equitable world, where our collective well-being is at heart.