Campaign Summary
The Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan—a wide-ranging policy blueprint “to improve quality of life for Oxford’s current and future generations”—provides an entry point to foster entrepreneurialism, create jobs for youth, ensure access to locally grown food, and it provides gathering places for the people in the community.

Pull back the view further, and these initiatives join an even longer list of core goals and values—from preserving and protecting healthy ecosystems to cutting waste and promoting resource recovery—that make up the complete Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan. In all, the plan contains 17 primary objectives and more than 70 prescribed actions to achieve them, grouped under three pillars: economy, community, and environment.

Translate the technical objectives of the Future Oxford Sustainability Plan into a curated suite of visual stories that individual members of the community could relate to, discuss, and share socially with one another.

Evermaven used a suite of environmental communication strategies and tactics to turn this technical plan into a compelling community narrative. Audiences first learned about The Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan through a motion graphic video that explained and highlighted important details and then viewers were encouraged to explore the map integrated website we built to locate where stories were unfolding across the county. We used drone videography and aerial photography to transport people into the narrative and we used documentary filmmaking to deliver character vignettes of local heroes. Evermaven continues to support the campaign through social media channels.

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Communication Services
Art Direction, Script Writing, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Social Media Strategy, Video Editing, Map Integrated Website Development, Drone Videography, Photography, Documentary Filmmaking, Environmental Communications

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