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I Am One With the World
with Nikon

Imagine being able to capture not just the view in front of your eyes, but the entire world around you—in every direction—as lifelike 360° 4K Ultra HD video.



Nikon joined the ranks of pioneering camera companies offering tools that could be used to immerse audiences into stories with the launch of the KeyMission 360 action camera.


Before launching the KeyMission 360 to market, Nikon needed to field test the new camera and have professional visual storytellers report back on the camera’s performance.


Evermaven traveled to the Falkland Islands to push Nikon’s 360 action camera to the limits of its production capabilities. We dropped it, we got it wet, and we planted these devices at the edge of a penguin colony to provide up-close and personal encounters with these Antarctica seabirds. Evermaven founder Neil Ever Osborne narrated the short film as part of the campaign.



360º Video Production, Documentary Filmmaking, Photography

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