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When President Trump signed a shocking bill to allow oil development in Alaska’s unspoiled ANWR, the Gwich’in Nation in Alaska and Canada mobilized.



For the Gwich’in, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a spiritually important land that provides a key source of sustenance and inspiration to the culture. Importantly, every year the Porcupine caribou herd—that call this wild place home—has migrated from the inner lands of Alaska and Canada to the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge to calve its young. Here, the young caribou are less vulnerable to predators, but Trump’s plan would put roads, air pads, and oil infrastructure right in the middle of this safe haven. Both caribou and the Gwich’in way of life are to be impacted.


Embed an unobtrusive Evermaven filmmaking team into the home of Jeffrey Peter, alongside his Gwich’in family and neighbours, to document his fight to save his lands and the caribou his culture depends on.


Evermaven deployed a three-person MAVEN team to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and to Old Crow in the Yukon to produce a film that centred on Jeffrey Peter’s quest to save his land, and as a result, the caribou and his family. The iLCP shared the film and MEC provided assistance with critical gear.


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