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2023 Science Symposium
with Oceana Canada

Drawing together experts, Indigenous leaders, policymakers, and scholars, Oceana Canada’s symposium explored our ocean’s potential for revival over the next decade.



In October 2022, Oceana Canada hosted the “Rebuilding Abundance: Priorities for a Resilient Ocean” symposium, uniting experts, Indigenous leaders, policymakers, and academics to address ocean resilience. Distinguished guests and attendees discussed the rebuilding potential for our oceans over the next decade, the growth opportunities for food security, income and livelihoods in coastal communities and how rebuilding ocean abundance can be our legacy.


Craft a standout recap video of the Science Symposium, a video that didn’t just document but powerfully emphasized the urgency of rebuilding Canada’s fisheries and oceans. Instead of producing another run-of-the-mill event video, ours needed to resonate and leave an impression. The need to interview five central Symposium stakeholders amplified our task, as we had to weave their voices into a broader Oceana campaign.


We adopted an immersive approach to capture the Symposium’s essence and import, intertwining on-site attendee interviews for a richer, more contextual recap. Evermaven also partnered closely with Oceana Canada to chart a project roadmap, preparing our key interviewees and maximizing our limited time during the event.



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