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Sustainable Development Goals
with the University of Waterloo

As we hit 2023, the midpoint of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) timeline, where does Canada find itself?



The University of Waterloo is the cornerstone behind SDSN Canada, an organization dedicated to rallying universities and colleges around the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As 2023 marked the SDG agenda’s midway point, the University sought a compelling, bilingual video to communicate Canada’s advancements and the crucial steps required to achieve the 2030 objectives.


Crafting a four-minute video on Canada’s progress with the SDGs meant distilling vast information. We needed to highlight significant achievements, address critical shortcomings and point to a path forward. All this while striving to keep the content engaging and avoiding information overload for French and English audiences.


We anchored our video production on narrative strength, visual engagement, and broad accessibility. Rather than a mere data presentation, we wove a compelling story arc free of dense jargon. This story was brought to life through graphics, animations, voice-over and real-world footage, ensuring viewers remained informed and captivated. In doing so, we crafted a video highlighting Canada’s SDG journey and resonating with the university’s audience, turning a complex topic into a memorable visual narrative.


Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Script Writing, Video Editing

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