Tropical ecosystems are home to a stunning array of biodiversity and provide services to us that include provisioning, such as the production of food and water; regulating, such as the control of climate and disease; supporting, such as nutrient cycles and crop pollination; and cultural, such as spiritual and recreational benefits. Yet, these areas around the world are most under threat. The International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC) is working to protect these natural places.

Acquire permission from the Kayapo to land in their territory—in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon—to make a film about their culture, in particular, their sustainable lifestyle facing the encroaching pressure from external sources that conflict with this way of life. Use this film to support a fundraising campaign that sends all proceeds directly into the field for conservation.

Evermaven collaborated with the Kayapo and ICFC to share a narrative about independence, courage, and leadership. The documentary film made for an online audience immersed potential funders into the life of the Kayapo so they could see who their donations affect.

International Conservation Fund of Canada

Documentary Filmmaking, Motion Graphics