Project Summary
At the Three Sisters Springs near Crystal River in Citrus County, Florida, the water temperature remains at a consistent 72°F (22°C). Here, the Florida manatee finds a well known wintering haven in the tepid waters of the natural spring. Like elsewhere around the world, the story has the promise of success pending sound conservation decisions and a decrease in the threats that continue to reduce manatee numbers around the state of Florida. Citizens who call Crystal River home will tell you to slow your boat if the wake is too high and those naive tourists are quickly informed, and then reminded, of the proper etiquette for manatee observation.

Too many people are getting too close to the manatees and boaters continue to recreate near manatee habitat causing stress and even deaths.

Evermaven produced a photographic portfolio of this compelling narrative to help share the story through special edition publications in collaboration with U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife