Kayapo Journey
with NRG Home Solar

The Kayapo indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazon defend one of the largest tropical protected areas in the world that covers more than 11 million hectares of pristine rainforest.



One of America’s largest power generation and retail electricity businesses want to make solar energy an easy and affordable solution for homeowners. The company funded an expedition to the Amazon to exchange insights with the Kayapo. We worked with the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC)—who has been working in the Amazon for more than twenty years—to make the visual storytelling possible.


Acquire permission from the Kayapo peoples to enter into their territory in order to make a film series about their culture and their sustainable existence.


Evermaven established trust with the Kayapo through the long standing relationship they held with the ICFC. We then deployed a three-person MAVEN team to the heart of the Brazilian rainforest where we were hosted by the Kayapo people living sustainably in the village of Kendjam. Our visual storytelling was used to draw attention to NRG Home Solar’s renewable energy solutions as well as the critical conservation work carried out by ICFC.


Documentary Filmmaking, Photography



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