It comes down to this: The stories we tell about environmental issues—and HOW we tell them—really do matter.



We are a full service environmental communications agency that links people, planet, and purpose.

Why? Because we share your goals. When so many of our social concerns are a direct result of an unhealthy planet, there is an immediate need to tell stories that make people feel and motivate them to act.

With a team of media mavens at the ready, we use immersive visual narratives that focus on the human-dimension of timely stories—like YOUR story—in order to bring back grace, justice, and beauty to the world.

Why Our Name?

“Ever” evokes emotion, time, and permanence—ideas which reflect our ongoing mission. We aspire to pass knowledge onto others through the stories we tell and to nurture a community of collaborators who want to do the same. We aim to be the trusted experts, or “mavens” of change, who draw attention to our shared relationship with the living world and each other.

Why Tree Rings?

Ancient trees are regarded as a source of knowledge and strength, providing a link between our world today, the climate of the past, and the sustainable environment of the future. A tree’s growth rings, much like our own fingerprints, are a unique identifier, as well as a document of history. In them we see not only the life of a tree, but also that of the planet, our ancestors, and ourselves.

We are a one-stop shop for our trusting collaborators.