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The iLCP is a U.S. based non-profit organization whose mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through photography.



Dr. Jane Goodall, National Geographic Editor-at-Large Michael “Nick” Nichols, and iLCP founding president Cristina Mittermeier, among many other prominent figures, sat down with an Evermaven production team to share candid thoughts on the power of photography and its value as an effective conservation tool.


Interview more than twenty professional conservation photographers, editors, and strategists to produce a documentary film exploring a contemporary account of the emerging genre of conservation photography.


We coupled an emergent emotional narrative with stunning photography from over forty conservation photographers to produce a film that continues to tour the film festival circuit throughout the world. Witness has been screened at over 50 different venues and remains one of the most viewed videos commissioned by the iLCP since the organization’s conception in 2005.


Documentary Filmmaking

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We are a communications agency that specializes in crafting stories about people and planet.

Our environmental stories—rooted in the human condition—are designed to make audiences care. With you, we hope to foster a more sustainable and equitable world, where our collective well-being is at heart.