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Asian Carp Invasion
with DFO and ROM

The establishment of a population of invasive Asian carp in the Great Lakes would be truly alarming.



Indeed, this freshwater treasure, worth more than 7 billion dollars annually to the economy, would be in jeopardy: we would see fewer and smaller native fishes, degraded wetlands, and adverse effects on the ecosystems which all Canadians cherish.


Convince stakeholders that compelling visual storytelling has a central role in the prevention of the Asian carp establishment—people needed to know how to identify these invasive fish species.


Evermaven worked with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada to produce a motion graphic video about the threat of Asian carp establishment. The video continues to be used as an educational tool that explains this imminent issue to the public, teaches them how to recognize and ID these fish, and what actions to take when they encounter these invasive species. Tens of thousands of people have seen the video at the Royal Ontario Museum and in outreach efforts by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


Art Direction, Script Writing, Illustration, Animation


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