Thinking differently requires communicating differently. Our focus is on delivering your story through visual narratives that make people feel and compel them to ACT.

Creative Process

Blue Skies

In a Blue Skies brainstorming session, we help frame your organization’s overarching purpose. This initial exploratory consultation is guided by a series of questions, challenges, and prompts that are essential to refining your story and launching new campaigns.

Narrative Landscape

We evaluate and analyze the core narrative of your organization to determine where it fits in the competitive landscape. This research-focused approach provides you with the market-intelligence to stand apart from the rest.


We focus the scope of your mission, goals, and objectives—on both an organizational and campaign scale—while reframing key messages for effective communication. We produce a Creative Brief—a roadmap—for each project before commencing our Journey.


The Journey encompasses the creative phases of your project or campaign, including development, production, and delivery. During this dynamic and agile process, we listen to your input and react to the feedback of your audience to enhance the impact of your campaign.


The creative process concludes with our quantitative and qualitative analysis of the campaign. We want to learn from each subsequent collaboration because it is our intent to work with you in perpetuity as our partnership continues to grow.