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ENLS Graduate Program
with Trent University

For the Environmental & Life Sciences (ENLS) Graduate Program at Trent University, it is time.



There is growing recognition that this century represents the Age of the Environment where, for the foreseeable future, environmental issues will only grow in the public eye. Scientific understanding—ably conveyed to the public and other decision-makers—will be pivotal. ENLS is poised to contribute to this future.


Engage potential students to increase enrollment in the Environmental & Life Sciences (ENLS) Graduate Program at Trent University.


Evermaven produced an advertising video for the ENLS graduate program to tell students what they can expect from this innovative and forward-thinking university program.



Documentary Filmmaking, Motion Graphics

/06Film Scenes

We are a communications agency that specializes in crafting stories about people and planet.

Our environmental stories—rooted in the human condition—are designed to make audiences care. With you, we hope to foster a more sustainable and equitable world, where our collective well-being is at heart.