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Saving Thirty Hills
with World Wildlife Fund

WWF is setting out on a 60-year challenge to save one of the last great stands of rain forest in the deforestation hotspot that is the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Drone Operations


Thirty Hills is the last large block of intact lowland forest standing in central Sumatra. Around 120 elephants, 170 orangutans, and 30 Sumatran tigers—all of them critically endangered—roam its dense woods.


Transport audiences to the Thirty Hills, or Bukit Tigapuluh, as the area is locally known, to immerse viewers into the heart of this special—yet fragile—forest and its inhabitants.


Evermaven deployed certified drone pilots who worked with local partners to identify specific characteristics of the forest. We then flew strategic routes over these areas.


Drone Videography, Aerial Photography, Video Editing, Post-production

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