Rebuilding Our Oceans
with Oceana Canada

In response to alarming findings on overfishing, Oceana Canada and Evermaven launched a dynamic campaign to rebuild our oceans.



In 2022, Oceana Canada released their 6th annual Fishery Audit report, followed by their 2nd Science Symposium. The findings were alarming: current fishery management methods were accelerating overfishing and wreaking havoc on our oceans. Recognizing the need for urgent action and public awareness, Oceana Canada entrusted Evermaven to design a multifaceted campaign.


Our task was two-fold: First, distill the harrowing findings from the Symposium and Audit into a persuasive call to action to galvanize Canadians to sign a petition. Second, navigate a tight timeline, develop various digital assets in just three months and then sustain an advertising push for the subsequent four months.


Through strategic storytelling, design, and tailored social media tactics, we elevated the voices of Symposium attendees, including those of actor Sam Waterston and Indigenous experts, in our campaign. These human stories took form through impactful videos with targeted messaging, guiding viewers to the petition. We amplified our reach by customizing content for each platform and leveraging A/B testing. Since May 2023, we’ve engaged over 220,000 Canadians, earned 22,000+ interactions, 55,000+ video views, and garnered thousands of signatures.



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